Blue, Blue, how are you? You told me not to be sad. You told me that happiness is on its way to mend our broken hearts. Well, it’s either you’re wrong or happiness must’ve been lost.

Oh, Blue, why do you make me so blue? Are you still blue? As blue as the sky we saw from your window at dawn. As blue as your favorite sappy love song. As blue as the ocean on the side of the road where we skinny dipped after driving all night long.

Blue, I’ve missed you. Stop questioning me about love. You said you couldn’t see the star, can you see it now? Maybe it wasn’t shining bright enough.

Hey Blue, stop taking the blame. Someday I’ll hear from a friend of a friend of mine whom is a friend of a friend of yours that you’ve finally met a girl with eyes curved like a pair of crescent moons when she smiles, who laughs like sparrows chirping the morning away. A girl who’s not as angry and resentful as I am, a girl who won’t suck you dry.

Blue, my blue, when you find her, don’t look back, our conundrum has died. Perhaps I will cry. But it wasn’t your fault nor it was mine, we were just at the wrong place and time. Life could be quite unforgiving sometimes.


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